Koamtac KDC200 Bluetooth USB Laser - Display - con Memoria

Koamtac KDC200 Bluetooth USB Laser - Display - con Memoria

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Koamtac KDC200 Bluetooth USB Laser - Display - con Memoria





Enables diverse mobile barcode data collection applications
Users can easily collect and upload stored barcode data from the battery powered KD200 to the host device via Bluetooth  SPP, Serial and USB at any time.

Puts an end to erroneous, blind barcode data collection processes
Inaccurate barcode data collection can result in flawed records. Users can easily verify and manipulate the scanned barcode data visually on the large, 1" display with three buttons.

No more power and memory shortages
With normal periodic charging, the built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery powers up to one year of barcode data collection without replacement. The USB connector easily allows users to upload stored barcode data and charge the battery virtually anywhere.

No more complex data synchronization processes
Host devices such as PC, PDA and mobile phones can detect and perform upload processes automatically upon connecting the KDC200 to the device.

Microsoft® XP, Vista, PocketPC2003 and Mobile5.0+ support KoamTac provides free synchronization and wedging software for Windows XP, Vista, PocketPC2003 and Mobile5.0+ devices.

Blackberry®, Symbian®, Apple®  and Palm® support
User can write the application for Blackberry, Symbian, Apple, Palm and other OS using KDC200 SDK.

SerialMagic® Professional from Serialio provides barcode extensible wedging and scripting capability between KDC200 and Blackberry, Symbian, Apple,Palm and Window devices.  Please contact local sales representative for the SerialMagic price information.